This service is designed for people who have a Speech Disability or those who use an assistive voice device.

With Speech-to-Speech (STS), you can call anyone on the phone.  A relay operator ensures that you will be heard and understood.

No special equipment is needed!

This relay service is available in English-to-English and Spanish-to-Spanish.

The Relay Hawaii Customer Profile allows you to store your relay call preferences and helps speed up call processing.

In addition to the TRS Customer Profile, an optional additional feature called STS Call Setup allows you to fill out an online form with instructions and information for the relay operator 2-24 hours before your phone call.

How does Speech-to-Speech (STS) work?

Just dial 711 (or 877-447-8711 for English or 877-447-7261 for Spanish) and then ask for a Speech-to-Speech Relay Operator.

Provide the area code and telephone number of the person you wish to call.  The Relay Operator will dial the number and connect to the other party.

  • 1

    The STS user talks to the other party while the Relay Operator listens.

  • 2

    The Relay Operator re-voices the STS user’s conversation to the other party as needed for clarity.

  • 3

    The other party talks directly back to the STS user.



Video: Stuttering Solution

Here’s how a STS user, Andy, communicates with standard phone users.

Video: How does a Speech-to-Speech (STS) call work?

Here’s how an STS user, Dan, communicates with a florist shop.

STS Call Setup

The STS Call Setup feature allows STS users to send an email with call instructions or information to the Relay Operator in advance. STS users can complete this form online between 2 and 24 hours prior to the call. The form includes information such as:

  • The number to call
  • The name of the other caller
  • Special instructions
  • The subject of the call
  • And anything that makes it easier to complete the call

Click to Call Setup


STS Wireless *STS (*787)

STS Wireless is a great wireless solution for STS users.

T-Mobile Accessibility implemented a national wireless short code *787 (STS – Speech to Speech) to make it easier to make and receive STS calls using T-Mobile wireless devices.  Speech-to-Speech (STS) allows people with speech disabilities to speak directly to their caller. A specially trained STS operator repeats the STS caller’s words to their caller. T-Mobile customers can dial *787 (*STS) from their wireless device to connect with an STS Relay Operator.

Please note that T-Mobile STS service is only available to customers on the T-Mobile network.

Contact STS Customer Support for more information at 877-787-1989.