"Relay Hawaii? It must be telemarketing!"

People with hearing loss and speech disabilities use the phone like everyone else – to find out about a product, make an appointment, reach a teacher, call a parent with a birthday party invitation, or simply to be neighborly.

  • Have you ever made a call and had someone hang up on you?
  • Do you want Relay Hawaii to educate those who hang up on you?

Many deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and speech-disabled people find that businesses, organizations, and individuals they call through relay are unfamiliar with the Relay Service. As a result, when the Relay Operator announces the call by saying, “This is Relay Hawaii” to someone unfamiliar with this service, the person often hangs up. Although not intentional, the hearing person who is receiving a relay call for the first time may hang up, thinking that a telemarketer is calling.

Report Your Complaint

If you have experienced a hang-up when placing a relay call, you can complete the hang-up incident form online below. A Relay Hawaii representative will follow up by sending a brochure, a letter, or calling the resident or business that is the source of the complaint to explain the relay service.

Help Relay Hawaii increase awareness and get the message out about the “Don’t Hang Up” campaign. You can download and fill out the form.

Or you can fill out the online form below with accurate information and click submit. 

All information is confidential.