Additional Services

Directory Assistance

Relay Hawaii will relay Directory Assistance (DA) calls between TTY users and a DA Operator.​ Once the caller makes the request, the Relay Operator will contact the DA Operator.​ After obtaining the number, the caller may choose to place the call through Relay Hawaii or dial it directly TTY to TTY.

Voicemail/Answering Machine Retrieval Service

You can use the relay service to retrieve messages from voicemail or answering machines.

Voicemail Retrieval: 
When you request the Relay Operator to retrieve messages from a voicemail system, the Relay Operator will follow your instructions for dialing, pin entry, access codes, and/or system commands to retrieve new messages, play messages, save, and/or delete messages.

Answering Machine Retrieval (AMR):
When a you request the Relay Operator to retrieve messages from an answering machine at your location, simply type “AMR GA” then follow the instructions from the Relay Operator.

International Relay Service

Relay Hawaii allows you to place and receive calls to and from anywhere in the world using English or Spanish.

Callers from a country outside the US may access to Relay Hawaii by calling 605-224-1837.